Concealed Carry

This course takes the student through a journey of the modern handgun. Starting with safety, students will learn how their handgun works, the seven fundamentals of shooting, loading and unloading of magazines, and practical application of live fire training. This course is designed for the new shooter who wants to build a solid foundation. 

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Women’s Self Defense

Designed to teach women how to defend themselves against an attack, escape, and survive. Comprised of simple techniques that are fast and effective. Every student will get practical hands on training with experienced instructors. Learn the power of the voice to knee strikes. You’ll be taken on an empowering journey. 


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Mass Casualty Training

The Mass Casualty Training or Incident training will teach law enforcement, medical personal, and civilians how to prepare for a mass casualty or active shooter. The course includes everything from basic first aid, trauma triage, tactical movement and weapon safety


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